Wout's 2020 New Year wishes

Christmas trees are thrown in the back of the garden or planted in soil, synthetic ones are back in the attick or basement, ready for their winter sleep.
It's almost weird and forgotten to give your best wishes for 2020 but that won't stop us from still doing it: We wish you all the best in 2020, let's make this year even more fantastic together. 
How, you ask? Well, we wish you all even more fun and laughter in your Dojo's, more inspiration, more knowledge and skills sharing, more awesome show & tell's, more driven coaches en Ninja's and who knows...more delicious snacks?

So many magnificent CoderDojo events we want to create and to look forward to, for example Coolest Projects (registrations are now open!), our favorite techfair for young makers on the 17th of May @ Technopolis Mechelen. Also to be announced: CoderDojo4Diva's, DojoCon, Bootcamps, Coaches Cafés and of course tons of Dojo's in and around your region!

But what do our Ninja's, Coaches and Cooks look forward to most in 2020?
We asked Wout, Ninja and brilliant maker, who gave us his list of New Year programming resolutions!
  • Finding a new and more challenging programming language
  • Find a good coding friend, who is interested in what I do
  • Make a supercool, innovative and creative project I can display on Coolest Projects 2020!
  • Encourage other people who want to start programming
  • Stun everyone at the Show & Tell (Duh!)

What are your (programming) resolutions? 
That is Wout's question to you all so feel free to respond!

Wout also added this picture from Dojo Dilbeek.
On the left: Arduino programmed LEDS
On the right: You could touch the little copper christmastrees in the tree to make the lights work. Also worked perfectly with a chain of people or red noses ;-)