Press review Coolest Projects Belgium 2019

Hold on to your (Trojan) horses. The latest edition of Coolest Projects Belgium was amazing! Everyone agreed that the participants really outdone themselves this year. We had cleaning robots, ecological drones, cocktail machines and many many more cool inventions.
If you want to catch a hint of the atmosphere at our event, you should check out the official aftermovie here:

If you got another 4 hours to kill, you can really relive the event by watching the livestream here:

Not only we were impressed. Flemish minister of Innovation Philippe Muyters payed us a visit and took the time to chat with some kids about their projects. The minister was blown away by all the creative talent of our inventors, he said so himself:

Jacotte from DoediesZot hopped in and did an interview on our livestream. Check out her report below.


CoderDojo was breaking news! Well not breaking but we were news alright. Our fair was swarming with journalists. Check out their reports:

QMusic 28/04/2019 (national radio station vlog)

Tech 45 even did their weekly podcast amidst our inventors. They had an entertaining chat with Coolest Projects judge Deepak Mehta. If you want to hear what he had to say about Coolest Projects, lend your ears to their podcast.

We also wrote an article for the Dutch version of the MagPi magazine starring Wannes and Robbe and their magical mirror and Natan who build an automated parking lot with Lego. You can read the article here:

Your neighbourhood hero

Such a concentration of clever young inventors, that couldn’t remain a secret for long. Since Coolest Projects 2019, some of these inventors really turned into local celebrities.
Mauro was interviewed by his local newspaper, the local TV news and even a national talk show. He was asked to present his invention on the Mini Maker Faire in Gent.

Brothers Miro and Matteo had their share of the spotlight as well. Miro and Matteo have been attending Coolest Projects for three years in a row and they made a ton of other projects just for fun. Karrewiet, the national kids news, payed them a visit:


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