Your very first newsletter

Hi there coach!
Tadaaa, here is your very first CoderDojo Belgium-newsletter!

Ow yes, and from now on you will receive this newsletter every last Friday of the month.

Hang on! I don’t want a newsletter.
No problemo amigo! There is an unsubscribe link in your email. This will not mean you won’t receive emails addressed to the coaches group. You will only be unsubscribed for the newsletter.

Alright, moving on. So I already mentioned this is a monthly thing. Our newsletter will have 5 topics and 5 topics only. These topics will be:
  • 1     General topic and announcements
  • 2.    Meet the lead/coach: an interview with a coach
  • 3.    Techcorner: some cool tech things for your Dojo
  • 4.    Coder Do You Know: something you didn’t know about CoderDojo
  • 5.    Newbs: meet the new Dojos

The newsletter is posted on our blog. That way, everyone can keep on reading our newsletters, long after it has been sent and no valuable information is lost.

If you have any suggestions? Please contact
Have fun reading our newsletters!
Kind regards,
CoderDojo Belgium