Roos and CoderDojo4All

Hi hi everybody,

Meeting with Cultureghem
I’m Roos, CoderDojo’s newest team member! I joined CoderDojo in July and jumped right into the CoderDojo4All project. CoderDojo WHAT? You might have heard about it already: CoderDojo launched a new project a while ago that aims to attract more underprivileged kids to their Dojo’s. Awesome right?! And I’m here to make that happen! After 6 years in data analytics and marketing, I wanted my job to have a social aspect. The fact that CoderDojo offers me the possibility to combine my programming background, my love for kids and my urge for a social purpose, made it an easy and
awesome choice to make!

The last couple of weeks, I have been setting up new collaborations with social partners. I have been looking for social partners and Dojo’s that share (or believe in) the same purpose: giving underprivileged kids more chances in an ever more digitized society. It has been fun! Some exciting new collaborations are getting started, some new Dojo’s are initiating and pop-ups are being organized such that these kids get to know us! 

 Do you also adhere so strongly to the purpose of this project? Do you want to help to establish new collaborations or do you know people we should talk to? Let me know!
Pop-up Dojo in a refugee center in Eeklo