Newbs (September 2018)

The new CoderDojo season has started and in many places, people seized this opportunity to start a new Dojo.

Meet the New Dojos

CoderDojo Bilzen

Province: Limburg
First session in Bilzen
Location:  Bibliotheek Bilzen
Lead Coach: Maarten Hendrikx 

Maarten hosts the Dutch spoken tech podcast ( together with co-hosts and CoderDojo coaches Toon from Lier and Floris from Sint-Niklaas. Toon and Floris spoke so enthusiastically about CoderDojo that they convinced Maarten to start his own Dojo in Bilzen. CoderDojo Bilzen, broadcasting since September 2018!

CoderDojo Hannut

Province: Province de Liège
First session in Hannut

Location: Coolzone (EPN Hannut)
Lead Coaches: Célia Dormal and Nicolas Collant

In the small town of Hannut, some new volunteers opened up a big Dojo! The nearby Dojo of Louvain-La-Neuve has been so popular that they have had to put kids on the waiting list for months now and they are looking for some support in the area. Hannut came to their aid with their new Dojo in the EPN Coolzone. With instant success! Kids came as far as Brussels for the first Dojo in Hannut. Nothing this great team couldn’t handle.

CoderDojo Limbourg

New team in Limbourg
Province: Province de Liège
Location:  Bibliothèque de Limbourg
Lead Coaches: Claude Brepoels and Mike Dechene

In Limbourg (that is the town of Limbourg, not the province) a team of EVS programmers started their own Dojo. With no other Dojo to the west of Liège, they gained a lot of popularity.  No surprises there because these guys know that coding can be cool! Good luck Limbourgeois!