Newbs (October 2018)

Meet the new Dojos

In October, new Dojo’s opened up from the north of the country, all the way to the south.  Meet them here:

Greenlab Coworking in Weyler (Arlon)

CoderDojo Arlon

Province: Luxembourg
Location: Greenlab Coworking
Lead coach: Nicolas Focant

Deep in the south of the country, the CoderDojo story inspired Nicolas Focant. So he started his own CoderDojo at the Greenlab Coworking space. Having some trouble finding coaches, he and another coach hosted their first Dojo for 17 children. Luckily, they got some help from the parents as well. There is no doubt that their enthusiasm will spread really fast! Good luck Arlon!

CoderDojo Berchem

Digitaal Leslokaal (Berchem)
Province: Antwerpen
Location: Digitaal Leslokaal (Digitale Wolven)
Lead coach: Katrijne Deckers

Katrijne used to be a coach at CoderDojo Roeselare. However, some time ago she moved to Antwerp and had to stop coaching in Roeselare. So Katrijne opened up her own Dojo in Berchem with some help from Cindy and her ‘Digitaal Leslokaal’.

CoderDojo Diest

First session in Diest
Province: Vlaams-Brabant
Location: Bibliotheek Diest

Lead coach: Kurt Beheydt

If you looked at the Dojo locations map, there was one big empty spot in Flanders: the vicinity of Diest. Kurt thought it was about time to launch a Dojo in Diest, so he called for help on social media and gathered a team of technology enthusiast. After a first meeting, they decided to launch a CoderDojo together!
Fun fact: You might recognize Diest lead Kurt from TV. You could spot him in ‘De schuur van Scheire’ check out this cool video of him making a popsicle bomb:

Robots during the first session in Fontaine

CoderDojo Fontaine

Province: Hainaut
Location: Cyber Space (EPN Fontaine)

Lead coach: Véronique Ben Moussa and Antoine Van Eetvelde

At Fontaine l’Evêque (a small town just outside the Charleroi urban area) Véronique from the local library founded a new Dojo. Already hosting an EPN, this library is really dedicated to helping people gain some digital knowledge. With a fleet of robots and a lot of coding books, this Dojo has everything to become the next hub for digital talent in the region.

CoderDojo Herentals

First session in Herentals
Province: Antwerpen
Location: Bibliotheek Herentals
Lead coach: Jan Eyckens
There are many Dojo’s in the sandy region called ‘De Kempen’. However, until recently, there was no Dojo in its capital Herentals. "What a shame", thought Jan, who was already enthusiastically attending CoderDojo with his son in Turnhout. So he gathered a big team of coaches and started his own Dojo in Herentals.